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Writer’s brains are awesome…we hold God knows how many other worlds in our head. How many are in yours?


This isn’t so much me, but I know a lot of other writers often have more than one WIP. Yep that’s how awesome our brains are. We can hold our reality (hopeful) along with one to you tell me how many other worlds that we create.

I posted this before and I’m going to post it again just because it’s that funny.

What are you working on right now? How many WIP? What do you tell your friends when they ask how that novel’s coming?

22 thoughts on “Writer’s brains are awesome…we hold God knows how many other worlds in our head. How many are in yours?

  1. Jack Sutter

    Haha, that scene from family guy is the epitome of why I don’t really tell people I write. That way I don’t have to deal with them bugging me about it.

    “What are you working on right now? How many WIP? What do you tell your friends when they ask how that novel’s coming?”

    Question 1&2: A few pieces of flash fiction, which I kind of add to at my liesure. Honestly I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to fiction. I lost count of how many different ones I bounce around from, but there’s maybe two or three I’ve been focusing on lately.

    Question 3: I don’t have to tell them anything ’cause they don’t know there’s anything to ask about ;p , plus I haven’t tried my hand at anything as long as a novel yet. I’ve avoided the dilemma entirely… so far.


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Haha yeah I “came out” of the closet as a writer about a month ago. That family guy clip also summed up why I didn’t tell people, too. Then I moved to Singapore and am just doing a few odd things for money, not really working, and I had to say something about what I do to fill my time. writing keeps me insanely busy lol.

      and I get asked on occasion and I usually just say fine. Keep it simple haha. Then occasionally they ask to read it and I usually say it’s not ready. Honestly, I’ve found friends are the least reliable readers. Either they don’t do it or they just don’t know how to give helpful feedback.


  2. Rose F

    That’s funny, I was thinking about making a post about my story worlds. I don’t write novels anymore; I do serial shorts, about 6-8k words each interconnected settings, but I have several worlds.


      1. Rose F

        Hahaha, guess so.

        I’ve got a post here about how I started writing this way:

        And I have some stuff up in my Free Reads section. These two are part of a three piece set I may expand later:


  3. Dixie Minor

    I am only working on one novel right now. When people ask me about it, I tell them that I had several false starts, but now I THINK I’m on track! I hope! When people asked me what it’s about, I have more trouble, because I don’t want to go into too much detail. I’m almost superstitious about it; and also if I talk about it very much, then it don’t feel as fresh when I sit down to write. I think I have recently figured out a “short answer” to this question. ☺️Thank you for your post!


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Nice! Having that short quick response is critical 😛 yeah I don’t like going into detail either because much beyond my logline I tend to just talk too much and I’m sure it’s confusing to others haha. Thanks for commenting!


  4. Natacha Guyot

    I’m sitting on 6 fictional worlds, 1 exists in my finished novella and 1 in the finished novel I want to rework one day, the 4 others are only in outlines and notes. I hope to have 5 of them eventually intersect the day I return to fiction writing. When it comes to actual writing and not note taking and world building, I can’t have multiple WIP. My brain can’t compute it right anymore. So I focus on one writing project at a time. It has helped me a lot when I wrote nonstop on so many different projects within the last year for all my academic papers, chapters, eBooks and books!


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Wow that’s quite an impressive brain you have there :P! 6 worlds, 5 worlds that will hopefully intersect one day! On top of all the other stuff you’re doing. Nice! Yeah, I have to focus on one WIP too. Happy writing and everything else! 🙂


  5. Rachael C Marek

    I have four screenplays I’d consider WIPs with too many others in the early stages, but I only work on one at a time. I find it causes scatter brain to flip between worlds. As for telling people I’m a writer, I sometimes dread it because there is always the inevitable follow-up comment, “I have this amazing story you could write.” Really?! Do I sound like I’m desperate for more ideas? 🙂


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