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Non-writers just don’t understand: Missing imaginary people


missing characters

So I just spent the past five months majorly re-writing my manuscript, per the amazingly comprehensive feedback from my awesome agent. I re-wrote the entire first 2/3s of it. After it’s been re-written so many times already. I’ve lost count of how many different chapter ones I’ve had.

It was grueling, but I cannot find the appropriate words to express how proud I am of the outcome…which is kind of bad, seeing as I’m a writer. I think (hope!) it’s finally there. Anyway, I sent my agent the shiny, vastly-improved new manuscript four days ago!


And now I’ll be waiting awhile for feedback. I feel like there’s this gaping hole in my life. Like, what do I do with myself now that I’m not brainstorming, writing, enhancing setting, re-reading, and editing Hooligans? Oh, and slashing word count. And…I miss my characters. Already. I love them all for different reasons.


I’ve spent so, so much time with these characters over the past two years. To really capture them, I’ve had to live inside their heads. Experience their past, present, and futures through their eyes. Imagine their reactions to things as massive as losing a parent to as mundane as hearing certain songs. Not going to lie, it’s made worse by the fact that one of the MCs is my most favorite character I’ve ever written of all time. And for this particular story, I don’t think a sequel’s appropriate.

Missing imaginary people…sounds a bit strange. Not normal. But really it’s because our writerly brains operate on a different plane of existence, right?

*sigh* Guess I’ll get to work on all the critiquing I’ve fallen behind on. Oh, and that other MS I’ve got going.

Writer friends, do you find yourself missing your characters when you set a manuscript aside?

So let’s get back to that social media platform :P


Hi. So it’s been awhile….

Like five months, according to my stats. Last log on February 22nd. Oops.


I have excuses, really, I swear. I went through a few major life changes…

I signed with an agent! Claire Anderson-Wheeler at Regal Literary Management. Here’s the story. Also, even though it’s been like 6 months, I still feel the need to share a celebratory GIF because she’s been just so awesome. So bear with me.


I relocated from Singapore to Wisconsin and started full-time work in the schools in February. All the major life changes with that. Here’s that story.

So what have I been doing in the mean time? (other than NOT blogging) So I got a ton of agent feedback, which launched a MAJOR re-write of Hooligans. Like the entire first 2/3s. We’re talking about a second full-time job.

On my summer break, I went back to Singapore THEN had the opportunity to return to Belfast. Which…was…amazing. Like I can’t even….

Oh, and we’re expecting our first. Our baby’s due in October.


What can I say? I like to cram all my major life changes into six months.

I’m going to get back to blogging now, really, I swear!


I plan to focus on the *joys* of the writer’s life, tips on writing/querying, and photography. I’m no longer living the expat life or engaging in ridiculously awesome travel now that I’m back to normal life, but I suppose I’m about to start a whole new kind of adventure.