Sarah J. Carlson

Contemporary Young Adult Author


So I’ve discovered I love writing, and reading, Young Adult novels.  What can I say?  There’s just something exciting about exploring that love-stricken, anxiety-crushing, excitement-flurried white-out thunder blizzard that is later adolescence as it slowly blossoms into adulthood. Everything’s heightened, everything matters. No one can possibly understand your plight.The pull to be more grown up even though you’re scared and you don’t know how.

Beautiful, weird, lonely, terrifying, exciting, confusing cold all at once. The entire world at your doorstep; you can literally do or be anything (if you’re starting from the right life circumstances, that is). Facing choices that will lead you down completely different paths that you cannot backtrack. Grappling to understand how the opposite sex’s brain works.

Plus professionally I love working with adolescents, watching them try out who they want to be.

So anyway…  That’s part of why I write YA.

3 thoughts on “Novels

  1. C. Miller

    I honestly love the YA genre, and for a lot of the reasons you said. There’s just something about it. Everything is THE END OF THE WORLD or THE BEST THING EVER.
    I’m finding it a bit harder to write in now, but it holds a VERY special place in my heart. 😀


      1. C. Miller

        That probably helps. Maybe that’s part of my problem, just feeling so distant from that time of my life and not having anyone that age to give me insight into the way things have changed over the last ten years or so.
        I swear, hearing some of the things people say now leaves me VERY confused.


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