Sarah J. Carlson

Contemporary Young Adult Author

Good morning, Singapore!


ImageIt’s 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday.  Why am I up at dawn?  I’m squeezing in a morning run before 90 degree heat coupled with 90% humidity strikes here on the equatorial tropical island concrete jungle of Singapore. I get some of my best inspirations for thickening plot, fleshing out characters, and enhancing settings while I’m running and NOT thinking about my novel.  Not kidding, I often stop several times to write my random thoughts in my notepad app.  What do you do to get your creative juices running?

15 thoughts on “Good morning, Singapore!

  1. ahamin

    Running is a good way to stimulate the subconscious… best ideas originate from there since our consciousness is too busy with our reality.
    I’d recommend music and meditation too. Hobbies would help too, anything that stimulated the subconscious, really. 🙂

    Happy writing.


  2. morganschatzblackrose

    Water: baths, showers, even washing up, opens me to seeing images and ideas. I let them stay with me as companions, sometimes introducing them to others with, ‘I was in the shower this morning and I had this thought…’ but more often I just let them be, and see if they connect to other seemingly disparate events. Learning to trust that everything comes in its own time is useful for me, and when it does, being prepared to act on it i.e. write, as soon as humanly possible.


  3. sebxiii

    For me it’s simply living. With the hectic schedule of children and study I find my self daydreaming. Whether on the bus , or cycling to or from class, or bathing the little man.
    We write life , and the bigger parts of our writing has little to do with the plot, and more to do with the normality that must be maintained to give our charioteers life.


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