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Yep, imagine that was Kelso from that ‘70’s show screaming it. Anyway I live in Singapore right now, which is a fabulous, inspiring adventure, but I definitely get homesick. I miss things. Like snow (especially when it’s 90 degrees with 90% humidity every day). Yes Midwesterners, I’m sad to be missing out on snow in April and I’m glad I was home during one of those polar vortexes that I’d never heard of till this year. Totally did the whole throwing boiling water thing, no I didn’t get burned. Point of this post: thought I’d share one of my favorite Wisconsin pics to spread the love across the internet 😛 I think it was ten below zero Fahrenheit on the day this was taken last December.

14 thoughts on “I LOVE WISCONSIN!!

  1. Jill - Barefoot Editing

    What a great picture! I’m heading to Prairie Du Chien, WI on Friday to speak at a conference on Saturday! I hope to spend some time along the Mississippi River looking for Bald Eagles while I’m there. Hopefully it will be blue skies and sunny and NOT freezing cold anymore:-)


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