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iTunes Playlist Challenge! part 2


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One of my biggest creative writing fuels is music. I need to have music all.the.time. Riding Singapore’s amazing public transportation system, washing dishes, running, writing, shopping at the grocery store— music all the time. I create my own soundtracks for my books, with songs for different characters and events and setting. It helps me connect with the world I’m creating. This morning I ran my iTunes Playlist Challenge again because it was just so much fun last week. I put my iTunes on shuffle and wrote down the first ten songs (or so) that came up.

Here they are:

  1. “Attack on Murron,” James Horner, Braveheart soundtrack
  2. “Do or Die,” Papa Roach, Getting Away With Murder
  3. “The World Is Ahead,” Howard Shore, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  4. “Exiles,” Bryan Tyler, Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune (Original Television Soundtrack)
  5. “House of the Rising Sun,” The Animals, Retrospective
  6. “Whispers & Confessions,” Trevor Morris, The Tudors
  7. “Thru The Eyes of Ruby,” Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness: Twilight to Starlight
  8. “Ishwilf,” Disturbed, Asylum
  9. “Pinwheels,” Smashing Pumpkins, Oceania
  10. “Killing In The Name,” Rage Against the Machine, Rage against the Machine

So several of those were less than two minute songs, so I did one more for funsies:

“Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon,” Flogging Molly, Within a Mile of Home

Wow, that was a lot more random in terms of music…. But I wonder if shuffle got stuck on soundtrack mode or something. Now you know a little about what movies and TV shows I like I guess haha.

Try it for yourself and see what happens. Post your results here!

4 thoughts on “iTunes Playlist Challenge! part 2

  1. cmschesser1832

    1) “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine”, Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound

    2) “Road to Zion”, Petra, More Power to Ya,

    3) “Follow that Kid”, Home Alone Soundtrack (wut)

    4) “Steamboat Shenanigans”, Steam Powered Giraffe, The 2¢ Show

    5) “Hide Or Seek”, Susan Ashton, So Far

    6) “Babe”, Styx, Greatest Hits

    7) “Learn to be Lonely”, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Phantom of the Opera

    8) “Regard de L’église D’Amour”, Olivier Messiaen, Vingt Regards Sur L’enfant Jésus

    9) “Age of Reptiles”, Showbread, Age of Reptiles

    10) “Needle and Haystack Life”, Switchfoot, Hello Hurricane

    Oh, well, that’s not eclectic.


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      I don’t know… I mean Home Alone soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera to Switchfoot? I think that’s pretty eclectic 😛 Also, I didn’t know about those two Switchfoot albums. Apparently I only have the first and most recent ones. Thanks for doing it and posting 🙂 Happy shuffling!


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