Sarah J. Carlson

Contemporary Young Adult Author

Happy Memorial Day, American friends!


ImageTo all my American followers, and really I guess anyone else who wants to remember those who died in wars, happy Memorial Day! And happy official start to summer 🙂  I’ll celebrate vicariously through you as A) its not Memorial Day in Singapore and B) there really aren’t any discernible seasons here.

What are you up to today?


6 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day, American friends!

  1. Charles Colp

    I will spend mine probably sleeping. I have already said my good byes and thanks to my friends who didn’t come back. Who were far too young and smart to die in such a manner. I try to honor their memories by being the best me i can. That is why we were friends because we genuinely liked each other. They died before the big publicized wars. The ones we were never in, but they are gone no matter what label they put on the “mission”. So today I will play with my kids and talk to my wife and give them all hugs and kisses and then do some reading. I smile now thinking about them so it is a good day.


  2. Jennifer Austin - Author

    Remember those we have lost, but enjoy the time we have with our loved ones. So many will not have the opportunity to play with their children or spend time with their families today. I will honor their memory by appreciating the life I have.


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