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Being all touristy and stuff in Singapore.








So I have my very first guest from the United States staying with me in Singapore! My youngest sister 🙂 It’s giving me a chance to go and actually do stuff that I normally don’t bother with. Here’s a few pictures from our adventures!


The Neko Cat Cafe. Yes, exactly what it sounds like. A room full of cats to take pictures of and play with. Or, well, they’re cats, so maaaaybe they’ll play with you, but really they’ll probably just ignore you. Oh, and they do serve coffee, so it is a cafe. Don’t pull their tails or give them your mocha! Also take of your shoes and sanitize your hands lol.

cat cafe

Also my sister was just amazed by the sheer quantity of malls. We were in 5 (6?) today alone. Yeah….

Here’s a few night shots of Singapore.

What’s up Marina Bay Sands? Got some pretty sunset clouds back there….


Hey Singapore Flyer. How’s it going?



Ships waiting to dock in Singapore.



Find the Merlion! A mermaid lion shooting water out of its mouth.



A few shots of the Super Trees!




A night shot of the Singapore skyline at Marina Bay Sands, but not the BEST night shot. The choice was this: pay $25 to get the best shots at the edge of the viewing platform or…pay $23 for one drink and have to deal with sub-par shots with people in it.  The choice was obvious lol.

photo-3 (10)

Tomorrow we’re off to Viet Nam!!

6 thoughts on “Being all touristy and stuff in Singapore.

  1. Erica Judd

    I saw the cat cafe pic in my reader and thought that’s how my house could look if I was more organised! (Six kitties in residence here.) 😉


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