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Team USA beats Ghana in some game in Brazil. Is it the Olympics again or something? Wait, what’s the World Cup again?


JK I know what the World Cup is, mostly. And I even know it’s in Brazil, unlike 2/3 of other Americans lol. And I know this happened…


So we beat this tiny country in Africa. Yaaaay!!! I guess?

borat great success

Irony…. I’m in a I forget what my British friends actually called it but I’ll call it a bracket but it’s wayyyyy simpler than that. Anyway, the teams I picked out of the hat were Germany (who are good, right?) and Ghana, who Murica just beat. Guess that ruins half my shot at winning fifty bucks. The bitter, bitter irony.

So obviously, the rest of the world is very excited. The US in general, meh. On my Facebook feed, I saw one mention of USA winning, and it was more like an ironic, go USA you managed to beat a developing country. Hope you’re proud. Way more posts about the Packers (obviously), Brewers, possibly even the Bucks basketball team (who are not very good, I guess). I kind of feel bad for our soccer/football team. All the rest of the teams, their home countries be all crazy about it. One stat I saw said that only 7% of the US planned to watch and cheer for Team USA. Though apparently there are plenty of excited people.

usa-fans-first-goal.w1120.h628I’m contemplating being a total fairweather fan, buying a knock-off jersey while in Viet Nam (that would be the only thing with USA on it that I own), trying to find one of those scarf things like all the rest of the world’s fans appear to have, and start chanting USA all over the place. Everyone else in the world is excited, I guess I could be, too. It would help pass the time til football starts in the Fall, too. Go Pack Go! I will say soccer/football fans appear to have way more fun at their games with their songs and their chants and their scarf things. I wish the Packers had a song all the fans sang…..


Survey questions: should I care about the World Cup? American friends, do you care about the World Cup? Why don’t Americans care about it–is it not American enough, do we have enough of all our own sports, is it the sketchy penalty calling?




6 thoughts on “Team USA beats Ghana in some game in Brazil. Is it the Olympics again or something? Wait, what’s the World Cup again?

  1. Donald Miller

    Well, I don’t know where the Murica country is, but I sure hope that the Americans beat them in this here game with the furriners call football. It’s exciting that the Olympics are being held so soon agan after Solcheee. Cool 🙂


  2. sjoycarlson Post author

    Murica is a very special part of the United States that is the least likely to watch something as un-Murican as football with a round ball. That ain’t Murican at all. They might show up with a real football and get disqualified for touching it with their hands. Yes, Olympics, that’s the only time US plays soccer, right? And sometimes rip their shirts off after winning to do some product placement for Nike.


  3. jlheuer

    Yes you should be excited because you are living in the rest of the world where soccer is a big frakkin deal. I was surprised on the sports news the other night they covered a sports bar in Appleton that actually had the game on multiple TVs, had a big party and drank lotsa beer…just like Packer season.


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Love that you use frakkin! Yeah, it’s true, I should be excited. And wait…are you saying it made the news that a WI bar had a party for the world cup game, like a Packer party? If that’s true, haha!


      1. sjoycarlson Post author

        That’s still pretty funny! It shows how much we don’t really care lol, that that made news. I did by the knock off usa shirt in Viet Nam too lol


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