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Portraits from around the world–first post


Woman possessed by a spirit, telling the future outside Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia during Tet (Lunar New Year).


(Oh, and here’s Ankor Wat in case you’re not familiar)

In February this year, I went on a trip to Cambodia and northern Viet Nam. While I was there, I adventured out of my usual photographic focus (landscapes and buildings) and decided to photograph people, both candid shots and also asking for permission to take a portrait–which pushed me out of my comfort zone because  I’m secretly shy! I was particularly interested in showing how kids lived and how they dress in other parts of the world because back home I work in the schools.  Anyway, I’m officially going to launch a themed series of photos within Samples of Southeast Asia around portraits. Check out my first attempts at capturing people. Please offer any advice on what I can do better to capture the message or emotions.


4 thoughts on “Portraits from around the world–first post

  1. Mike

    Smile, relax and be friendly. From my Peace Corps experience I found there were always people ready to try to talk me. They’re as curious about you, maybe more ship, as you are about them. Good luck!


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