Sarah J. Carlson

Contemporary Young Adult Author

Central Balinese mountain coffee… So this is where some coffee comes from!


We went on a mountain rainforest hike in Central Bali while staying at a mountain retreat near the ancient volcano, Agung Batukaru.There were probably 30 tourists in the whole area! Amazing.

P1160512A local collected coffee beans from coffee plants in the rainforest.

P1160545Coffee berries and coffee flowers.

P1160443Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) beans in the wild. A luwak/civic cat eats coffee berries from a coffee tree, digests them, then does you know what. These beans are then collected, treated many times, then made into very expensive coffee. Apparently the civet cat’s stomach enzymes do something to make the flavor amazing. These cats also apparently only eat the best. Anyway, on our jungle hike, we found these in the track. Kopi Luwak in the wild! It is apparently the most expensive coffee in the world, at $700 USD per kilogram (according to Wikipedia). I tried it. It just tasted like very strong coffee. Perhaps my taste just isn’t refined enough haha


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