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On being the token Yank: I’m baaaaaaack!!!


photo (5)….So this happened today. Yup, my first ever official beans on toast experience. I was at a “proper Sunday roast” complete with Yorkshire pudding and my friends were talking about beans on toast. Yes, I’ve definitely heard of it before and I’ve definitely mopped up some Bush’s baked beans with bread, but I’ve never actually tried it.

I’m a bit overdue on my grocery shopping, so today I was scrounging through our cupboards looking for something, anything, to eat for dinner and discovered we had a can of sketchy-looking Halal beans with no hunk of meat. So then it happened. Beans on toast.

It was…interesting, which is what we Midwesterners say instead of saying we don’t particularly care for something 😛

I’m blaming the beans. Totally the crappy beans. Next time I promise I’ll use Heinz baked beans.

Backstory for “On being the token Yank”:

Over here in Singapore I just don’t know many Americans, even though I’m sure there are plenty. I hang out mostly with English, Scottish, Australians and a few locals who also speak the British variety of English. Weird, right? Travel to the other side of the world to hang out with people from a different side of the world. It’s amazing how similar we seem when surrounded by Asians.

If anyone has any beans on toast preparation advice, please share!

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