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(Not so) epic pilgramage for my WIP, part 1


So I was recently back home in the good ol’ US of A, which was very exciting because I hadn’t left the Asian continent in 8 months. I went back for a sad reason, a funeral in Maryland (and that road trip was a whole different pilgrimage) but while I was there I made the most of it!

So I’m co-authoring a book set in one of my hometowns; I say “one of” because I moved around growing up and as an adult, so I guess I don’t have like a hometown. This particular hometown is what I call my “high school” hometown. We moved to Sparta, Wisconsin when I was in 8th grade. I graduated high school Sparta High. My parents lived there until a few years ago. So Sparta has a population under 10,000; it’s just west of the Mississippi River, surrounded by coulees and ridges and corn fields and barns and cows. Self-proclaimed bicycling capitol of America.

So I had a free couple days while friends and family where at work, and access to a car, so I decided to go on a photographic journey. In my novels, I like to have a strong sense of place. I also wanted to get re-acquainted with the culture. I say “culture” because living abroad has definitely convinced me that A) the US has a culture B) Wisconsin has a culture C) rural v. urban Wisconsin have different cultures.

So in the title of this post, I said “not so epic” pilgrimage, but I guess really it was kind of epic because, to get back to Wisconsin, I did have to travel 21 hours on three planes. Don’t get me started about the way back to Singapore! To make the trip back to Sparta MORE epic, I decided to take back roads to get there. It helped me transition my brain back into a more rural place, plus it’s just a pretty drive. So here’s the photographic part one of my epic pilgrimage for Rafa & Rose, the drive back to Sparta. There are lots of barns and it’s also corn harvesting season (the corn used for animal feed, I believe). Not going to lie, I actually have a thing for barns. I enjoy photographing them, even though I never lived on a farm. A lot of the farm equipment photos are taken just outside Sparta.

photo(1) photo(2) photo(3) photo(4) photo(5) photo(6) photo(9) photo(11) photo(13) photo(16) P1170598 P1170597 P1170589  P1170526

And just for fun, an Amish farm and Amish buggies hanging outside Aldi’s. I passed a few buggies as I was driving, too!


Stay tuned for (Not so) epic pilgramage for my WIP, part 2. Probably to be released tomorrow.

Writer friends, what do you do to get a sense of place in your own mind for your novels? How do you capture it on the page?

8 thoughts on “(Not so) epic pilgramage for my WIP, part 1

  1. Jennifer Austin - Author

    Looks a lot like where I live in the Thumb of Michigan. Amish buggies and all. My first two novels were set in places I had already lived, with a small part of the second placed in a location I had limited experience with. I used a lot of pictures and imagination to make that setting work for me. My soon-to-be-started WIP will be placed in the wilds of New England, a place I’ve never been. I’ve already told hubby we need to go hiking for our next vacation so I can do research. I think he’s onboard, now I just have to convince the kids!


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Haha oh Amish buggies…. When I worked at Wal-Mart, they’d come in and buy Fruity Pebbles and Mountain Dew sometimes. Cracked me up. Definitely easier to write setting/culture where you know, but the internet makes researching setting a piece of cake lol. And Google Maps streetview :P. Cool setting for your next novel! What’ll your characters be doing in the wilds of NE?


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Yeah, but not everyone can do what I did lol. My last book was set in Belfast, and I have been there, but not when I was writing the book, before. So that was setting discovery as I went, too. This way IS easier LOL.


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