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Non-writers just don’t understand…. There is no vacation from writing. Ever.


vacationAs you read this letter, I may already be on vacation 😛 Actually I AM on vacation, I totally scheduled this post. My husband and me are off in South Australia hopefully having a grand road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

Snl-so-freakin-excitedMy husband just walked in and said, “OMG vacation. It’s so exciting, I get to leave it all behind,” but here I am like, nope, not gonna be able to do that. My husband’s like, why don’t you just bring a notebook or just talk to me while we’re driving and I’m all like….

you dont even knowNo, I will talk to him, I swear :P. I already know I’m going to be thinking about my WIP quite a bit: planning out scenes, thinking about setting, imagining dialogue, yada, yada, yada. I’m bringing my laptop for use on the plane and in the car. We will be driving many, many hours and since we have a manual rental car and they drive on the *wrong* side of the road (;P) my husband will be doing all the driving. I’ll probably sneak in some writing time in the early morning and later evening, too. I’m really on a roll with my WIP so I can’t stop now! And even if I did try, cannot stop my brain from thinking about it, so I’ll just embrace it.

Writer friends, are you with me? 😛

10 thoughts on “Non-writers just don’t understand…. There is no vacation from writing. Ever.

  1. Heather M.

    I use vacations as inspiration. I will seriously note everything that happens. I just went in vacation to the beach and made sure to get a good feel of the sand between my toes and the horrible taste of salt water (it was unavoidable) just so I could be more accurate if I ever used it in a story.

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    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      You know, I’ve been kicking myself for not journalling on my world travels! I make mental notes but sometimes they get lost…. Yep, vacations are great fodder for writing! Thanks for comment!


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