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Non-writers just don’t understand: Sneaking in some writing time on vacay


e1tncSo as I alluded to in previous posts, I’m gallivanting (yeah, I said gallivanting, love that word) around Australia with my husband. Epic South Australian road trip. Great Ocean Road, tiny coastal towns, hiking in Wilson’s Promentory. Kangaroos, Koalas, Emus, and now penguins and seals! We’re off to Sydney today to see that Opera House. I mean, cuz you have to, right?

But, but writer friends, I was at a critical point in my WIP and I was not able to get through it before vacay. I’m sure many of you appreciate my pain. So I’ve been sneaking in writing time after the hubby goes to bed and before he wakes up. ( I swear my body only needs like 6 hours of sleep) So I’m writing in the dark trying to, um, I don’t know, type quietly and in the blinding sun on the occasional boring car ride where there isn’t awesome rolling hills of pastures or amazing coast line to look at. And good news, I’m getting through what I need to; I’ve re-written the first five chapters and pounded out chapters 17.5-21. They’re rough, but after I get through them once, I’ll be able to send them on to my amazing WIP collaborator! So I’ve done that AND enjoyed Australia. I’m pretty much feeling like the (wo)man 😛

carletonLife’s about balance, right? And having a patient, understanding, awesome husband who understands my writing is…um…an addiction? No, not addiction, it’s my job, right? 😛 Totally made me pancakes–not once, but twice!–while I was pounding out the WIP.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to this….

P1180031Happy writing everyone!

Side note: I’ve found my favorite Australian coffee–a flat white with two sugars. Yeah, I take my coffee with cream and sugar, so what? 😛

7 thoughts on “Non-writers just don’t understand: Sneaking in some writing time on vacay

  1. Jennifer Austin - Author

    The best part of vay-cay is when hubby and kids head to the pool and I get to write! Or in the car ride. I only did a little editing on our last vacation, but I read a ton of books. And hubby is understanding about it all. I think writers need a very understanding and supportive partner in life and I’m so thankful for mine!


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