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Non-writers just don’t understand: Writer’s hangover


Writer friends, you know when you’re working on that novel and the ideas are flowing and it’s just magic and you’re in the zone?that stuffs amazingYou just know what you’re writing is amazing and it’s just this rush of excitement and energy and brain juice and you just cannot stop. I dub this…the Writer’s High. Then you look at the little clock in the corner of your of your computer screen. It’s 2 AM. Oh, crap. I should probably go to bed

Those of you who don’t have the fortune of being a full-time, unpaid writer like me feel this the hardest. You just know, as you lay your head down on that pillow, that tomorrow…is…going…to…suck. (If it makes you feel better, writer friends, I usually end up waking up around 7:30 anyway cuz that’s my brain; hence this blog post instead of working on that WIP). If you’re like me, you still not going to be able to shut your brain off. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our craft.

The antidote? (for me anyway)

i heart writingOkay, so my coffee is nowhere near that fancy this morning. Just good ol’ American drip coffee. After I ingest enough, hopefully I’ll be able to get to the many (many) writing tasks I have on the docket for this week.

Who’s with me? Has this ever happened to you, writer friends?

12 thoughts on “Non-writers just don’t understand: Writer’s hangover

  1. eclecticalli

    I have had to curtail my night writing, which just plain sucks. But 5 days a week I have to be up at 5:20 am for a full 8-5 workday (and 1.5 hour commute on each end of that), so being exhausted just isn’t an option. Except for the occasional Friday night.. Then all bed are off and I’ll just suffer the consequences all weekend.
    I do really miss the days of being able to vanish into a story until I literally was unable to keep my eyes open – that is the best thing ever!


      1. eclecticalli

        I’m on the bus, so I can do some actual writing-writing if the bus is empty enough, otherwise I will do story trouble-shooting if I have the brain power (some of the return commutes I don’t have the brain power for much beyond “ooh, look, there’s a tree… hi tree…bye tree…”


  2. Jon Chaisson

    You know it’s time to head to bed when you take a brief pause to tilt your head and think of the perfect word, and suddenly find yourself snorting awake again.

    Yes, this has happened to me on multiple occasions. 😉


  3. Heather M.

    I have learned to function on very little sleep. For some reason when the sun goes down my mind comes alive. I wish 2 am was when I was laying down for sleep, but it’s usually more like 4 or 5am.


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