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Non-writers just don’t understand: The moment you realize….


queryHas this ever had that happen to you? You slave over your query letter. Tailor every sentence to perfection. I mean, you have, what, 300-400 words to craft a movie trailer of sorts for your book to suck in possible agents, lure them into at least reading the first line of your submission. You’ve had multiple people critique it and provide feedback. Maybe you’ve even hired someone to fine tune it. Must be perfect to send to agents, right?

So with one of my WIPs, I’ve been guilty of one thing: I keep thinking it’s done. So I’ve been working on my query. Then I discover that, nope, not so much done. But now, seriously, I am 99.999% done. I’ve finally done it. NAILED the beginning that’s been the bane of my existence for the past four months.

But my perfect query?

Not so perfect anymore…. It’s going to have to be re-worked.

Dexter-GIFs-14But really though, I’m just so ecstatic that I’ve nailed the beginning of it!

yes_napoleon_dynamiteWriter friends, has this ever happened to you? You had the perfect query, then changed you WIP?


4 thoughts on “Non-writers just don’t understand: The moment you realize….

  1. Jools

    Oh yes! I worked and reworked my query letter and synopsis, again and again. I imagined that word perfect sentences would be the Magic Bullet. But they weren’t, so now I’m self-publishing (early 2015) and it’s a strangely liberating experience.


  2. phantomwriter143

    Yep. This has happened many times. I’m currently in the middle of yet another re-write which changes a few things that will force me to re-write my query, as well. The good news is that my last query for the same book ended with manuscript requests. So at least I have a good jumping off point. Although I was eventually very cordially and respectfully rejected, it was an amazing learning experience that jumpstarted this current re-write, which is the best stuff I’ve ever written in my life. Go, you!! And good luck!


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Seriously, that’s so awesome you got MS requests. Definitely means you’re doing things right! And that’s so great it was the catalyst for an amazing re-write! Thanks for the well wishes and happy writing! Excited for you and your re-writes! Go, go, go!


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