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Touche, permanent-pen-wielding grafittist hiking on the Great Ocean Walk in Australia


P1180193And here’s some more graffiti art fun from the land of Oz, cuz we all need a little more Chuck Norris in our lives.


Pictures from the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia


P1180002 P1180014 P1180016 P1180019 P1180031 P1180032 P1180041 P1180065 P1180066 P1180070 P1180087 P1180089photo(18) P1180144 P1180195

So my husband and I recently visited Australia for an epic road trip of awesome. We flew into Melbourne, drove west to Peterborough to catch some of the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles, then drove many hours to Sydney. n the way there, we hit up Wilson’s Promontory and Montague Island to see fairy penguins. After Syndey, we drove over to the Blue Mountains THEN back to Melbourne. I believe we put like 3000 km on our rental car. Covered a sizable chunk of Oz too 😛 And we had a manual, so my husband had to drive 😛

This was one of the most beautiful coastal drives I’ve ever done. Though I will be honest, the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland MAY be slighter better, which (obviously) is saying a lot!

What’s the most scenic drive you’ve ever done?

Sunny day on Mount Oberon, Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia



On safari in Australia


Lots of amazing animal encounters so far…. Thankfully none of the poisonous variety lol. Koalas, kangaroos, kookaburas, wombats, emus, parrot things, and one thing I forgot the name of but it looked liked a hedgehog. So many Australian animals start with K!  Oh, and cows. Lots of cows. Like more cows than people.

P1180141  P1180215 P1180135P1180348 P1180423 P1180608 P1180619 P1180633 P1180634 P1180637 P1180638 P1180655  P1180325P1180704

All I have to say about this one is… NONE SHALL PASS!!!


UPDATE!!!! The hedgehog thing is called a Echidna. Thanks to a friend for helping me out!