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Happy Fourth of July, America!!


In honor of the Declaration of Independence, I will share these ridiculously hilarious pictures with you friends!  These paintings were done by artist Jason Heuser AKA Sharpwriter


Since I’m living in Singapore and all, no fireworks for me 😦

Which is your favorite? American friends, how will you be celebrating?

You know you live in Singapore when…..


ImageThis is the major crime of concern in your neighborhood. The theft of A (singular) bicycle.

ImageThis gets posted in your condo. A few buglaries, EVERYONE install security cameras! DEFCON 1395708457!!!! Okay, really, you know it’s Singapore when can leave your windows and doors open all day and night period. But now everyone in my complex has everything shut up and curtains drawn except for a few evening hours.


This is your 7:00pm commute home on the MRT. And it’s actually more packed than it looks. Lots of arm rubbing. Good thing I’m not claustrophobic. Singapore’s public transportation is amazing on the whole, but crowded at peak times. But then sometimes things like this happen on the glorious MRT:

ImageAlso you know it’s Singapore when it is ILLEGAL to chew gum. Fact. Gum is not allowed. Funnier still… They sell things like Doublemint, but they’re not gum, they’re actually mints. Oh, and also death penalty if you’re caught bringing drugs in. DON’T DO IT!!! Oh, and sodomy is illegal.

But seriously, there are plenty of great things about Singapore. Low crime for suresies. And the Supertrees!

ImagePlease share any thoughts you have. I have no cheesy question to ask at the moment lol.

Talking Dirty: Porta-Potty or Porta-Loo…or something else entirely?


I ran a half marathon this weekend with a fellow American and two of my English friends. It was actually MORE than a half–my Map My Run app told me I ran 13.76 miles, so thanks thanks for that Sundown Singapore. I digress.  Obviously at the race, they had plenty of these:


(By the way, this totally happens all the time in the U.S. :P)

I said to my English friends, “Hey, we’re going to meet Steph by the Porta-Potties.” They looked at me like a was a bit mad, then thought that was hilarious that I called it a Porta-Potty. I don’t think one of them believed that’s actually what I call it. “Why don’t you just call it a toilet?”Haha I don’t know, that’s just what we call it. My English friends were also surprised when I said ours don’t often have sinks in them. After that I was kind of like, eek maybe I’ll just call it a toilet then. I cannot say Porta-Loo, it sounds too funny when I say it lol.

Another side note: Singapore has nice Porta-Potties or Porta-Loos or Porta-Johns or toilets or whatever you want to call them.

What do you call a portable toilet made out of plastic, set up just for a special event?

Have you ever used a word that people from other cultures unexpectedly found hilarious?

Writer’s brains are awesome…we hold God knows how many other worlds in our head. How many are in yours?


This isn’t so much me, but I know a lot of other writers often have more than one WIP. Yep that’s how awesome our brains are. We can hold our reality (hopeful) along with one to you tell me how many other worlds that we create.

I posted this before and I’m going to post it again just because it’s that funny.

What are you working on right now? How many WIP? What do you tell your friends when they ask how that novel’s coming?

On being the token Yank: “Are you British or Australian?” …um….




So I started doing a bit of creative writing teaching in the Singapore schools. So much fun. Love kids. Now I’m the token white person and the token Yank 🙂 Anyway, at the end of the lesson, this little girl comes up to me.  Here’s our dialogue:

“Miss Sarah, are you Australian or British?”

“I’m American. Which one did think I was?” I ask.

“Australian.” She smiles up at me.


“Because of how you talk.”

Nope, I’m this:

Image(Image retrieved from

(Side note: I DO NOT agree with the above meme, let me be clear. Let’s be real for a second, we all can be obnoxious in certain…situations, let’s just say. Except Canadians 😛 They’re so nice and polite. Do they even have an obnoxious chant? I guess maybe “Oh, Canada!…” I don’t know the rest, sorry Canada. I blame my mom for not teaching me.)

This is definitely not the first time someone from Singapore thought I was Australian after I talk. Not that there’s anything wrong being Australian of course. To be fair, I can’t recognize different Southeast Asian accents in English and most of the white people here are Australian so it’s a safe assumption. Maybe it’s because I wear flip flops a lot or maybe I just don’t look British. Who knows. Either way, it’s pretty amusing 🙂

Have you ever had an experience like this traveling abroad? Can you recognize different groups of people based on the way they look or dress? (hope I didn’t open a can of worms with that last question)