Sarah J. Carlson

Contemporary Young Adult Author

You know you live in Singapore when…..


ImageThis is the major crime of concern in your neighborhood. The theft of A (singular) bicycle.

ImageThis gets posted in your condo. A few buglaries, EVERYONE install security cameras! DEFCON 1395708457!!!! Okay, really, you know it’s Singapore when can leave your windows and doors open all day and night period. But now everyone in my complex has everything shut up and curtains drawn except for a few evening hours.


This is your 7:00pm commute home on the MRT. And it’s actually more packed than it looks. Lots of arm rubbing. Good thing I’m not claustrophobic. Singapore’s public transportation is amazing on the whole, but crowded at peak times. But then sometimes things like this happen on the glorious MRT:

ImageAlso you know it’s Singapore when it is ILLEGAL to chew gum. Fact. Gum is not allowed. Funnier still… They sell things like Doublemint, but they’re not gum, they’re actually mints. Oh, and also death penalty if you’re caught bringing drugs in. DON’T DO IT!!! Oh, and sodomy is illegal.

But seriously, there are plenty of great things about Singapore. Low crime for suresies. And the Supertrees!

ImagePlease share any thoughts you have. I have no cheesy question to ask at the moment lol.

15 thoughts on “You know you live in Singapore when…..

  1. Amos M. Carpenter

    Haha, great post! A friend of mine recently returned form a trip to Singapore; he told me that he’d stepped in some gum and he immediately took a photo because… that’s not supposed to happen in Singapore! Of course, his wife accused him of bringing the gum himself and staging the whole drama… 😀


  2. sjoycarlson Post author

    Hahaha that’s hilarious! I have not yet stepped in gum, so maybe he DID stage it!!!! I like taking pictures of graffiti in Singapore because that’s also not supposed to happen. If you’re a guy and get caught apparently you can get caned!


      1. sjoycarlson Post author

        Actually, I think it’s fines for gum. Caning for graffiti! I remember I saw another Westerner, a tourist, chewing gum once waiting in line to go through customs or something. A friend told her she should spit it out and she was like, No. I don’t think she believed about it being illegal. I almost said something but figured she’d been warned. Haha.


      1. Rachael C Marek

        There are things on there I would never have seen otherwise. I definitely recommend checking it out, but beware, it’s easy to lose lots of time. 🙂 I set myself a time limit.


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      They do. At least it looks like guns at their hips. And… Probably never. There was a riot here a few months ago and they kind of just acted like scaredy cats and did nothing for awhile. Probably because stuff like that never happens lol!


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