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Chasing the cows



Boy chasing the cows away from the market set up near Ta Prohm temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia as about six in the morning. Also known as the “Tomb Raider” temple because that movie was filmed in part there. A lot of tourists come here early in the morning to see the sunrise. Check out my mini-gallery below.

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Prayer for the New Year


Praying to Buddha in Angkor Wat during Tet, Lunar New Year.

Apsara, the dancing girl


A woman in traditional dress outside Angkor Wat, Cambodia during Tet, Lunar New Year.

Portraits from around the world–first post


Woman possessed by a spirit, telling the future outside Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia during Tet (Lunar New Year).


(Oh, and here’s Ankor Wat in case you’re not familiar)

In February this year, I went on a trip to Cambodia and northern Viet Nam. While I was there, I adventured out of my usual photographic focus (landscapes and buildings) and decided to photograph people, both candid shots and also asking for permission to take a portrait–which pushed me out of my comfort zone because  I’m secretly shy! I was particularly interested in showing how kids lived and how they dress in other parts of the world because back home I work in the schools.  Anyway, I’m officially going to launch a themed series of photos within Samples of Southeast Asia around portraits. Check out my first attempts at capturing people. Please offer any advice on what I can do better to capture the message or emotions.