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Contemporary Young Adult Author

DOOOONNEE editing!!!! (for now anyway)


Image(Me at Moraine Lake near Banff, Alberta, Canada)

So this picture pretty much encapsulates how I feel right now. I finished the latest round of edits on my perpetually nearly finished novel! This is at least the 5th round of full novel revision, typically after doing major reworking. This time around it was a real battle of willpower. Now it’s off to a development editor so I can get it back and have more editing to do. It’s getting closer!

How are your projects going?

15 thoughts on “DOOOONNEE editing!!!! (for now anyway)

  1. cmschesser1832

    YAY! Go, Sarah, go!!!!!!! We believe in you! And we’ll send you cake when you’re done! (No, really, that would be kind of awesome, so we’ll totally send you cake.)

    I’m in a similar boat. This novel is FORCING me to outline the chapters before I do them so the chronology is spot-on. I did a massive round of part-one editing back in April, so Ch 12 is going to be started tonight. I’ve noticed that when I take my chapters’ first drafts and rip them apart before I start on the second, it’s like I have two completely different books–First Draft Book, and Real Book.

    Keep going! YOU CAN DO IT!


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Yay thanks I’ll take cake!!! And thanks for all the positive vibes I feel loved! 😀

      It’s so crazy what we have to do to perfect our stories, and how they evolve as we go! My current one has changed completely! I’ve probably cut half as many words as it is long haha.

      Best of luck with Ch12 and further edits! YOU CAN DO IT!! Maybe you’ll get a surprise cake, too 😛


  2. phantomwriter143

    Congrats on your edit!! Sounds like you’re closer and closer to achieving your goal. Woohoo!!

    I just got a request for my full manuscript from an agency. Keeping my fingers crossed! (While working on the next book in the series).


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