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Hey writer friends (or really anybody), do you have a simple word you perpetually misspell?


So here I am, brushing up my synopsis, typing the word toliet, and–of course–it gets underlined red because it’s spelled toilet. I don’t know why, but I have this mental block that prevents me from spelling it properly. I don’t get it, I have no idea why I unconsciously spell that specific, simple word wrong. I have to actively think the sounds out in my brain when I spell it. Pretty much every time. I’ll blame it on being a French word 😛 Modern technology, with it’s spell check and auto-correct, has negatively impacted my spelling ability.

Do you have a word that you just cannot for the life of you spell right? (at least without really thinking hard)

20 thoughts on “Hey writer friends (or really anybody), do you have a simple word you perpetually misspell?

  1. Juan Zung

    I can never get rythem or rhyme right. I think i still got them wrong just now. And since I’m on my phone there’s no way for me to get the correct spellings. 🙂


  2. Wesley Morrison

    Years ago, I was picking up some extra money by keyboarding typed manuscripts into Word files for a science publisher. One day, they called to let me know that I had apparently mistyped “impotence issue” as “important issue” every single time in one of the manuscripts.


  3. Sierra

    “Exercise.” I always wanna spell it “excercise.” It’s embarrassing – I’m this super Engliah aficionado to like everyone I know, and I can’t even spell “exercise” right. 😡


  4. Mike O'Mara

    For some reason I always want to put a ‘c’ after the ‘x’ in ‘excercise.’ I have made this mistake so many times now that I can never remember which version is correct and always second guess myself when I write exercise. On paper, I just try to avoid the word all together and substitute it with less appropriate terms like ‘gymnastics’ or ‘cardio.’


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