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My English friend just took the piss out of the NFL so hilariously I can’t even….



(I’m blue text bubbles, he’s gray)

So my husband and I have been teaching our English friend the ways of NFL Fantasy Football, which is apparently is much more complicated than like English Premiere League Fantasy Football. He’s come a long way since he auto-drafted, after which I sat him down and said, “Friend, you don’t need four defenses and two kickers.” That Englishman is 3-0! I should really stop helping him, especially since I’m 0-3 :(….


I feel like a disgrace to America. And the Packers lost last week, so it was a rough, rough week for SJC in the world of football. But my good, good English friend sent me this to cheer me up, which really does help a lot (though I hope it wasn’t a serious injury, I am a nice person, I swear).

JadedNaiveAndeancockoftherockSo anyway, this Facebook message exchange was prompted by my reminder to check his line-up since regular season Bye weeks start this week. Please excuse my ignorance about the actual reason for Bye weeks, lol, I googled it and apparently it’s done to extend the regular season. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It was just so hilarious, I had to share. It’s so fun teaching our friend the very, very complicated ways of the NFL.

8 thoughts on “My English friend just took the piss out of the NFL so hilariously I can’t even….

  1. Jennifer Austin - Author

    As a Lions fan and I must say I’m pretty happy the Packers lost, but that injury was, er, funny. I mean, I don’t want any player to be badly injured, but getting hurt on a celebration dance? That’s just too comical. Funny story, my daughter hurt her ankle on a celebration dance after spiking the ball in the face of the girl who made out with her boyfriend. I told her the whole thing was karma.


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      So it’s extra funny because it looked like the lions player was trying to do the discount double check belt thing making fun of aaron rodgers when he got injured lol. And karma haha. I’m assuming your daughter’s injury was minor?

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  2. sjoycarlson Post author

    Well sounds like it was only a minor injury, but a major life lesson in karma. Like that Lions player. I’m sorry, I just keep looking back up at that GIF and I just can’t even stop laughing.


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