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Writer friends, where do you like to write when you cannot sit at your desk/table/couch/bed/wherever for one second longer without losing your brain??


i heart writingSo I spend a lot of time with at my dining room table typing away. Thank God for my understanding husband that doesn’t get too bothered by all my writing crap spread all over it. Here’s my view…

photo-14 (2)It’s not a bad view by any means, but after you know like 8+ hours a day, everyday, writing, I start to feel like this….

Dexter-GIFs-14(I love you Dexter and I miss you. Maybe I should read the books….)

Yeah, sometimes I absolutely need a change of scenery or I just might lose it lol. It’s amazing how just the bus ride over can refresh my brain, the forced break from writing. Plus I can people watch. Lately, I’ve been spying on young couples engaging in PDA on the bus.

Peeking 2NOT BEING CREEPY I swear!!! Just looking to incorporate more body language into my teen lovey WIP.

Anyway, being in a new setting shifts my mental state and gives me a creative boost. It refreshes me so I can keep going. Sometimes I meet with other writer friends and we write together, hopefully without too much chatting. I’ve found a few coffee shops in Singapore that have become my go-to escape from my dining room table. One even knows my order! Yay! It’s Blue Orange Mocha, which tastes like those chocolate orange things wrapped in orange foil that you can get a Christmas in the U.S.. It is kind of amazing.

Do you have a favorite place to escape and write in when your brain’s about to leak out of your ears? What about it helps you write?

19 thoughts on “Writer friends, where do you like to write when you cannot sit at your desk/table/couch/bed/wherever for one second longer without losing your brain??

  1. Joseph E Bird

    The coffee shop is where I can go to work out story problems, think about what needs to happen, and resolve character issues. No writing, other than a few scribbles on a note pad. Sometimes you need some quiet time to think things through. Yes. Time to just think.


  2. uturnstars

    I usually just take an internet break when I need to stop focusing on writing. However, I do visit the coffee shop a lot during the month of November, meeting with my writing friends. People watching is so fun!


      1. uturnstars

        Yes, NaNoWriMo. I said November just in case you weren’t familiar with it. The coffee shop we meet in has wifi. Though the time we met while their internet was down was quite productive until the internet came back on…


  3. Bookgirl

    The library, I vary it though I go to a different library each month to mix it up -I have a rotation system. Now that sounds anal haha. I sometimes try the park,but then i start sneezing and go back home or sometimes the car when waiting for school pick up.


    1. sjoycarlson Post author

      Lol changes of escape scenery is good! I haven’t braved the public libraries here, though now I want to. You may have inspired me… even though they probably don’t have coffees with hearts in the foam 😛 Thx for comment!


  4. Erica Judd

    I don’t tend to write away from my laptop/couch, unless I’m unwell enough to manage better in bed with a pen and notebook. If I need to get out, though, I have a few options for head-clearing: walking my dogs; visiting my horses; or visiting a beach. Walking and just getting outside help me to “look up” from my work in a more constructive way than the required glances away from the eye-burning screen. 😉

    Notes, on the other hand, I will write anywhere and everywhere, because I usually scribble them down on whatever paper comes to hand, and I can do that without my glasses!


  5. Michelle Mueller

    I’ve spent A LOT of time recently indoors, working on my writing. Walks help me clear my head, but I would really like to find a “secondary spot” for writing — somewhere that isn’t my house.


  6. Angela Sylvia

    I generally write on my massively cluttered desk in out second bedroom/office/book storage. Usually the furthest I go for a change of scenery is the couch, or our porch when the weather is very nice, but if I was able to get away with less of a day job, I’d probably head to the library or the coffee shop down the street.


  7. Jennifer Austin - Author

    I can write in my recliner all day, no problem. It never seems like enough time! If I need to stretch I’ll start a load of laundry or something. Walks are great ways to start the day and get my brain pumped for writing, but as far as needing a different place to write, that is only required when the family is home . 🙂 Loud, noisy kids are not conducive to writing. Then I go to my favorite (and only) coffee shop in town. If I really need quiet, I’ll head to the library.


  8. authorleighmichaels

    I have a couple of different places to work, all in my house. I don’t need to use them on the same day very often, since I don’t get much more than an hour or two at a time to write. But it is nice once in awhile to get a change of scenery, even from one day to the next. I used to have a great bookstore that I could get away to, but sadly, they closed a few years ago and I haven’t found another :-(.


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